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Key data


Keydata of the domain are shown in the following table.

Name Maison Pierre Overnoy- Emmanuel Houillon
Contact Send a message
Address Rue Abbé Guichard
Municipality Pupillin map
Department Jura
Contact Emmanuel HOUILLON
Telephone 03 84 66 24 27
Fax 0384662427
The wine region Jura / Savoie
The start year 2001
Type of organic culture Organic
First organic year 1997
Charter FNIVAB yes
Surface (ha.) 6 (small)
Popularity (pageviews) 18133 (very very popular)


Domain description


The wines

The wines

The following table shows the wines entered by the wine maker.
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The price is in Euro and represents the ‘prix depart cave’. The price does not include shipping costs, taxes, and the re-sellers’ margin.

Chardonnay 2006 10.00 Arbois 
Ploussard 2006 9.50 Arbois 
Ploussard 2006 12.00 Arbois 
Ploussard 2007 9.50 Arbois 
Savagnin 2004 13.00 Arbois 




The following table includes all the photographs submitted by the winemakers.
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Where to buy

Where to buy

The following table shows all the countries where the wines are sold.
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France A la Maison 39600 PU ... 



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The comments
Date - timeSubjectText
2007-01-17 23:59:14 Vin jaune 1986 overnoy Bij grote wijnen verlies je elke behoeft ... 
2007-05-19 18:01:20 Chardonnay/Savagnin 1999 Vin superbe de fruité et de complexité. ... 

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