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The site gives descriptions of a large number of domains and the wines they produce. It also gives information on retail outlets, both national and international.
In addition, you can read tasting notes about the wines made both by tasters of Association Bien Boire, and by visitors to the site. Compare their comments with those made by the wine makers themselves.
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Last added organic wine

The last organic wine which was added is Château Costes-Cirgues - 2011 (Costes-Cirgues).

You are a taster?

You can register yourself as taster whether you are a novice, an amateur or a professional wine taster. After having registered, you can enter your tasting notes on the wines listed in our database. These will be published on our English, French, German and Dutch websites.
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You are a winemaker

On this site you can as an organic winemaker in France enter and publish all relevant data about your domain, your organic wines, your opinions and your national and international outlets.
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Association Bien Boire

Association Bien Boire aims to promote organic wine in France and other European countries. We set up a database with data about the domains, wines, tasting notes and national and international outlets.
The database is used to power related sites in UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands. Furthermore, the database will also be used in the publication of a number of guide books.
Association Bien Boire is an independent and voluntarily run organisation.

saturday 25 January: the volunteers are celebrating the launch of Bien Boire

The costs of the Association are covered by grants, donations, advertisements, and the sale of the guides. No contributions are asked of the wine makers.

Contact the association Bien Boire by writing to:

Support for the winemaker can be found at the french site on the page support.


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